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Pepi was handed to the Charity by the dog warden. He arrived at my home
for fostering, terrified and in pain from a badly ulcerated eye. It was
feared that his eye may have to be removed. For a couple of weeks,  it was
almost impossible to do anything for him. Even putting a collar on him
nearly resulted in missing fingers! He didn’t like being touched and a
trip to the vets was traumatic for both Pepi and the vet. He just wanted
to be left alone and he didn’t want to interact with anyone.

Then, one morning, I actually got a tail wag and since then Pepi has
come on leaps and bounds. His eye is healed but still scarred. He can be
obstinate when he wants to be- this is trait of his breed. He is very
selective on who he allows in the house but we are working hard on that
and seem to be winning. Pepi loves a walk in the long grass and he enjoys
a bath and brush. He has lots of toys which he throws about and then hides
in his bed and he now loves a cuddle and to lay near me.  When he first
came to stay, I thought it might be hard to win Pepi’s trust. But I think
that he is beginning to do that now with more people and he has become a
wonderful part of our family. It just goes to show that, with lots of love
and patience, you can turn a traumatised little dog into a loving family
member. Yes, this will be his forever home!