LIFELINE - Transport Service for Sick or Injured Animals and Birds LIFELONG - Commitment to Rescued Animals

2015 December


There will be a slight delay to the publication of the next edition of our Newsletter.  Please don...

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RESERVED – Moira – a quiet girl looking for a knee

  Hello, I’m Moira. Today’s news is that I’m ready for my forever family! I’...

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Idris – a fun loving and playful boy

Hello I’m Idris. Do you think you could find a place for me in your heart and home? I’m a funny, hap...

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Elba – a small boy with a big personality

Hiya. Little Elba here! What are you up to? I’d like to share it with you, whatever it is. I m...

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Spencer – an outgoing boy kitten

 Hi I’m Spencer and I’m the only guy in my litter of five. I’m approximately six t...

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Hattie – a girl has to be coquettish

Hello I’m Hattie, and I am a beautiful all black girl about six to seven weeks old. I have fou...

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Recent News

Reserved – Willow, a fantastic young mum looking for some TLC

  Hi there. My name is Willow. My exact age isn’t known but it’s clear that I am still only ver...

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Reserved – Chunk – A little clown looking for his very own circus/home

Hi, my name is Chunk and I was born on the 16th July 2017. My mum is Willow, she’s only a kitten her...

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Reserved – Muffin – a clever girl looking for a new home to investigate

  Hello, my name is Muffin and I am the only girl from Willow’s litter, my brothers are Chunk a...

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