About us

enter Animal Accident Rescue Unit is a registered charity with a lifelong commitment to rescuing sick, injured, neglected and vulnerable animals and birds. The Charity provides a volunteer animal ambulance service to a vet surgery and then undertakes the necessary medical treatment and foster care for abandoned casualties.

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Сертолово купить Кока The Charity does Орленок реабилитационный центр кисловодск not deal with healthy strays and unwanted pets. We will only collect those animals needing veterinary attention and are vulnerable because of condition, such as pregnancy, or age ( kittens or elderly animals) or badly neglected or injured animals and birds.

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go site There are many local rescues that will take healthy strays and unwanted pets.  Animal Accident Rescue is not one of them, due to limited resources. We would ask callers to understand and respect our role, in order that the Charity can continue to help those animals that most need our specialist attention.

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Купить Второй Майкоп If you are concerned about the welfare of a healthy stray, please contact a local rescue for advice.  There is help and information on the RSPCA, Cats Protection League and Cat Chat websites.  If you find a stray dog that doesn’t need veterinary assistance, please contact the Dog Warden at your local council.




see Animal Accident is unique in this area for providing a transport and rehoming service for those stray animals needing veterinary attention.  If an animal is unclaimed by its owner, and 99% of them are abandoned, we then place that dog or cat for adoption.

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http://www.bikerstuff.com/soccer/kupit-zakladki-spays-v-lermontove.html Based in Nottinghamshire, we have provided this unique volunteer-based service for more than 25 years. We deal with emergency calls from around the county, anything from a cat hit by a car on a country road, a dog found abandoned and starving in the city centre or a bird in a suburban garden with a broken wing. We operate a ‘no kill’ policy, whereby no creature is put to sleep unless a vet advises this is the only option.


Манага из листьев We rely on donations to fund all veterinary treatment for the stray animals we rescue, which often involves long-term veterinary care or surgery. Annually, our bills run into thousands of pounds.


трамал и трамадол Unlike other  animal welfare organisations, we do not have a central base, kennels or a cattery.  All of our volunteers conduct their roles from their own homes. All our rescued animals are looked after by fosterers who care for the animals in their own homes. Birds and wild animal are given specialist attention by wild life carers associated with the charity.