archie2Let me introduce myself…I’m Archie and I’m about 6 years old

As you can see from my photo, I’m a gorgeous, ginger boy, looking for a very special family to call my own.

I’ve been around the block a few times and was quite battered when the AARU found me. Living on the streets is tough, fighting for food, territories and ermm…ladies, can be quite a stressful life. I had bites, scratches and an awful abscess on my face. That way of life takes its toll and I’m glad to leave it behind me.

My wounds have healed, my scars are fading, but there is something that will never go away, something that I hope won’t put you off. Unfortunately tests carried out by the vet confirmed that I was FIV positive.

Now FIV was new to me, so I hit the internet to do some research. Here’s a little of what I found out about FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus):

FIV should NOT be confused with FeLV (Feline Leukaemia) – they are two very different viruses.  They are often mentioned together due to the ‘snap’ tests carried out by vets, but they differ greatly in how they affect a cat, and its expected lifespan.  FeLV is a serious risk to a cat’s health and longevity, whereas FIV is not.

The virus depletes the number of white blood cells, which eventually makes the cat less able to fight off infection.  However, because it is such a slow acting virus many FIV positive cats can enjoy a normal lifespan with no apparent health problems resulting from the virus.

FIV is species specific.  It can only be transmitted from cat to cat, not to humans or other animals.

FIV cats are exceptionally handsome cats.

FIV cats need extra cuddles.

Ok, ok, I added the last two points myself, it was worth a try!

If you’re still reading at this point, that means that my being FIV positive didn’t frighten you away. It really shouldn’t. I’m healthy, happy, require no medication, in fact I require no special treatment at all. The only difference is that I will need to be an indoor only cat, so that I can’t spread the virus and should also be the only cat in the household – more food for me, hoorah! (Alternatively, I can be placed with other FIV positive cats). I’m a very friendly cat who enjoys meeting new people, especially if they stop and give me a stroke. I do love a good fuss. You can often find me acting like a big kitten too, throw me a ball and I will chase it!

So do you think you can offer me a special place in your heart and home? If so, I’ll be here waiting to meet you.

Around 6 years old, neutered, micro-chipped, litter-trained.  He has had flea and worming treatment. All our cats are “snap” blood-tested for Felv/FIV at the Vets and found to be negative unless CLEARLY stated.  As stated earlier Archie was found to be positive for FIV.

All adopters will be home-checked prior to adopting a cat, sorry but we do not rehome onto busy roads/near busy roads.  If you are interested in  ARCHIE  please contact us by: telephoning 0115 9984307 .  This number must not be used for emergency calls or any other types of enquiry.  Please leave a message if no reply and our Adoption Volunteeer will get back to you as soon as possible.

Or you can e-mail  Whether telephoning our Volunteer or emailing the Charity please include your postcode and telephone number.

Please note:  We are always in urgent need of new cat fosterers to help us foster the cats that AARU continue to help. If you would like to find out more information please email us.