After many happy months in foster care, dear Bella became very poorly and no further assistance could be given. Her devoted foster mum misses her greatly.










Meet our shining star,  Bella. She is a friendly and affectionate  but on pain relief for her arthritis and she’s partially sighted. Full of character and fun to be around,  it’s hard to belive how much she has suffered on her life.

Bella was found straying to the point of collapse. The kind member of the public who called us to help this dog said she had been hanging around for a few days and had collapsed.   The vet told us this was because Bella was so malnourished,  her legs didn’t have the strength to hold her up any longer.  Our wonderful foster family have given Bella the love and attention she needed to nuture her back to the stunning dog she is now.

Bella is in long term foster care. Would you like to help sponsor her? lGood quality dog food, wet and mixer,  is always very much appreciated.