Back in her jumper to stop her picking at her stitches


belle belle2








Such a beautiful trusting face  

A moment out of her jumper, it’s amazing how her skin is healing  it shows the treatment is working


Belle is making a steady recovery and, as you can see, like all cats she can find the warmest place in the house. And is wearing her little vest to protect her skin.


Belle was taken to a vet surgery by a large national animal charity. She had severe wounds to her head and shoulder which the vet suspects was  due to scalding.  The wounds were at least two weeks old and Belle was  suffering terribly.   As no funding was available for the veterinary treatment, Animal Accident Rescue Unit stepped in to help.

















Belle has had extensive surgery at the vets to repair  her damaged skin. She is in our foster care and needs cage rest and her wounds bathed regularly.  Part of the wound has broken down due to the extent of  the damage and will take quite some time to heal.

The fosterer’s mum and several of her friends have already donated money to the Charity to pay towards Belle’s treatment. We are all committed to provide whatever treatment and care is needed for Belle and have saved her from certain death.   She will recover- it will just take a long time and alot of money.

Will you help Belle, please?  The cost of treatment will be several hundred pounds and we haven’t the reserves or publicity machine of the national animal welfare charities. But we have a heart and dedication to all sick, injured, vulnerable and desperate animals.

Please see the main page of our website for ways to donate.  Or call our Treasurer on 0115 9314274  ( after 7.00 pm) for more information.  If you wish,  you can send a cheque, made payable to “Buckley House Veterinary Clinic”, to the Charity’s address. We can then keep a record of these donations too and sent them off to the surgery.

Something, anything will be so much appreciated.

Thank you for all of your good wishes and enquiries. Belle is doing very well!  The  stitches are out and the wounds healing well, with healthy new pink skin. It will take time for her fur to grow back but she still looks so pretty. We expect her to be available for adoption in the Spring

Thank you from Belle. The total raised at March 3 is is £2550!!!

And these recent photos show just how much better she is! Read all about her in Your Cat and please help with donations and practical support for the Chairty if you can.