A Nottinghamshire Police officer received a very unusual emergency call – of the feline variety!

While on patrol in Broxtowe, an officer came across a bedraggled cat in great distress and meowing loudly. Picking the cat up, the officer realised it had been doused in petrol.based charity that rescues sick, injured and vulnerable animals and birds,

Enquiry officer Crystal says: “I’m well known at work for being ‘cat obsessed’ so as soon as I got the call on my radio, I left to rescue the poor little mite. He was a very sorry state and when I got him back at the station everyone made a fuss of him and got him food and water. Meanwhile, I contacted the Animal Accident Rescue Unit to get him urgent veterinary attention. Until his emergency transport arrived, he sat patiently on my desk and made a fuss of everyone that came in. He was soon a bit of a celebrity!”

After suffering breathing difficulties from the petrol, which is believed to have been poured on him deliberately, the cat was rushed to Buckley House Vets for lifesaving treatment.

The on-duty vet was so moved by the brave tomcat’s plight that he adopted him. Sheldon, as he is now called, has made a partial recovery but will suffer from ongoing problems with his lungs as a result of this cruel act.

Sheldon’s owner, Mr Hadley, says: “What made him stand out was that despite the terrible condition he was in, he purred away and was so loving when I was treating him that I couldn’t help fall for him. He is settling into his new home well and has quickly made friends with my other animals.”

Crystal, who is based at Broxtowe Police Station, adds: “We don’t know who or why someone would do this. Animal cruelty is a crime, so if you see it, report it.”

The  number for Animal Accident Rescue Unit, for for animals requiring emergency transport to a vet,  is: 0115 9 321 555.