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Help the Animal Accident Rescue Unit celebrate National Black Cat Day!

You can help change a black cat’s luck by offering them a forever home. Currently, over half of the cats in the Animal Accident Accident Rescue Unit’s care are black or black and white.

Tuesday 27th October is National Black Cat  Day, which aims to raise awareness of the most overlooked type of feline.

As a rule, animal charities find it harder to home black and black and white cats. While there are a number of theories as to why, it generally takes longer to find owners for monochrome moggies, than cats with more exotic colouring such as tabbies and tortoiseshells.

Cat Adoption Officer for the charity, Katrina Ptashko, says: “There are many reasons but I think superstition has a part to play with black cats being associated with witchcraft and bad luck. A more modern explanation is that they are harder to photograph but by looking at the pictures of our black and black and white cats you can see that’s just nonsense!

“We have number of gorgeous black and black and white cats that need to find homes. Poor Patch and Billy have been with the charity for nearly a year. They are both very friendly and loving boys but for some reason have been overlooked.”

Another good reason to give a monochrome cat a home is that studies into temperament and colouring in felines often show black and black and white cats are more affectionate and laid back.

So please help the Animal Accident Rescue Unit celebrate National Black Cat Day and consider offering a home to Alesha, Simon, Billy, Floki, Rolo, Frankie or Patch.