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OdieAfter his beloved cat went missing, Mr Spooner feared he would never see his ginger and white pet again.

Incredibly, four years after Odie’s disappearance from his Nottingham home, the six-year-old cat has been reunited with his owners.

Odie was rescued by the Animal Accident Rescue Unit, after a member of the public called the charity to report finding an injured cat in Broxtowe last month (August 2014). Odie was taken to the vet for treatment to an injury on his leg and an abscess on his throat. He was then found to be micro-chipped and his owner was contacted with the news.

Mr Tony Spooner says: “We looked all over for Odie when he went missing but with no luck. We were in total disbelief when we heard the news Odie had been found – we thought it must be a mistake! When we went to pick him up he recognised our voices and was very fussy. He’s now settling back in nicely with the family and our other cats.”Odie with the Spooner family

Alex Hitchen of the Animal Accident Rescue Unit’s Cat Welfare Team adds: “We’re delighted that Odie and his owners have been reunited. This doesn’t happen as often as you might think. Either the animals we rescue aren’t micro-chipped or if they are, the owner’s details aren’t kept updated. Our advice to cat owners would be to micro-chip your pet and remember to update your contact details if they change.

“We think Odie must have found a temporary home until recently as he’s been well fed. Certainly, he’s not typical of the cats we get in; normally the strays we recover are very thin and undernourished.”

The Animal Accident Rescue Unit is a Nottinghamshire based charity with a lifelong commitment to rescuing sick, injured, and vulnerable animals and birds, by providing an ambulance service to a vet, undertaking the necessary medical treatment and providing foster care for abandoned casualties.

Last year the charity helped nearly 400 animals. However, in order to continue to be able to help animals in need, more volunteers are urgently needed. If you would like to volunteer for the charity as a driver, a fosterer or in any other volunteer role, please call our Recruitment Officer on 0115 8376 926 or email:

To adopt an animal needing a loving home call our Adoption Officer on 0115 9984307, or for more information visit the Adoption Section of the website.