Well hello Dolly you’re looking swell Dolly and it’s nice that you are living in a kind new home.

dolly1 dolly2


Dolly was suffering with troublesome hyperthyroid when she was reported to us; as you’ll read in her story below, causing her several other health problems that were resolved quickly once she came into our care.

We are so pleased to say that she has had the thyroidectomy operation and is doing really, really well.  This means she is now medication free.  She has put on weight and her blood tests are showing a great improvement in her overall health.

Dolly is still as vocal as ever and chatted all the way with our driver taking her for her check-up this morning.  She’s a lovely older girl; with so much more still to offer.

She has the sweetest little meow and face that you’ll just want to pick her up and hug her.

We think she is about 12 years old and when she was brought to us her lovely tortoiseshell coat was full of knots and she was exceptionally thin. We don’t know how long she had been ill but our vet quickly discovered that Dolly had hyperthyroid which means daily medication, which she takes without any problem at all.

Now some three months later, she is in much better health; so much so that she is being considered for surgery to remove the problem thyroid; she is strong enough to cope with the operation after her fosterer has devoted so much time getting her back on her paws. This will of course mean that Dolly will be able to live the rest of her life comfortable and medication free.

We do think that she has slight hearing problems as she sleeps so soundly but shake a box of treats and she’ll come running.

Dolly is a real fusspot and adores curling up on her fosterers’ knee whenever she can and purring softly. She has the loveliest nature and will make an ideal cat for someone who works, as she doesn’t require any looking after at all – just feeding and cuddling of course.  Dolly is very affectionate with people but she doesn’t want to share your love with any other pet

Dolly has been, neutered, micro-chipped, litter-trained.  She has had flea and worming treatment. All our cats are “snap” blood-tested for Felv/FIV at the Vets and found to be negative unless CLEARLY stated. Come round and meet her she is just waiting for you.

All adopters will be home-checked prior to adopting a cat, sorry but we do not rehome onto busy roads/near busy roads.  If you are interested in DOLLY please contact us by: telephoning 0115 9984307 .  This number must not be used for emergency calls or any other types of enquiry.  Please leave a message if no reply and our Adoption Volunteeer will get back to you as soon as possible.

Or you can e-mail    admin@aaru.org.uk.  Whether telephoning our Volunteer or emailing the Charity please include your postcode and telephone number.

Please note:  We are always in urgent need of new cat fosterers to help us foster the cats that AARU continue to help. If you would like to find out more information please email us.