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Donating to Animal Accident Rescue Unit

Animal Accident Rescue Unit offers a unique and life-saving service. All the veterinary treatment and care an animal or bird requires is provided, irrespective of the costs.  The charity has a no-kill policy.  The price of this care is over £1,500 a month.  The animals need YOUR help, if they are to survive.  We need YOUR help if we are to manage the financial struggle to survive. Any financial support you can make will be greatly appreciated. It will help the charity provide the gift of life to those creatures in its care, both now and into the future.

If you would like to help Animal Accident Rescue Unit continue to  save the lives of the animals and birds and wildlife it rescues, there are a number of ways you can give financial assistance:

  • You can send a donation to the Treasurer of Animal Accident Rescue Unit at the address below:

Animal Accident Rescue Unit
PO Box 5414
NG14 5DT

Cheques should be made payable to ‘Animal Accident Rescue Unit’.

Alternatively you can donate any amount using the donate button below

          • You can set up a standing order with your bank for however much you would like to give and on what date. Please email to request a form.
          • Make an electronic transfer from your internet or phone bank. Simply give to your bank our bank account details:

Account Name  – Animal Accident Rescue Unit
Account Number  –  90981753
Sort Code  –  20-55-68

          • Please consider becoming a member of Animal Accident Rescue Unit. Your support will ensure that the charity will be there to continue its unique and invaluable work. You will see a link, at the top of our website, giving easy ways of becoming a member.
          • Please remember the charity in any legacies you name in your will.

If you care about the welfare of neglected, vulnerable, sick or injured animals and birds, please give us whatever financial support you are able to manage and you may rest assured that we will use that gift with compassion and care and respect for the creatures we help.

Thank you for your kindness – you really can make a difference.