Little Ellie loves being with people; they make her so very happy.  Unfortunately, she spent the first 3 years of her life being terribly unhappy and worried as her former owner used to leave her and 2 other dogs without any food or water for days on end in appalling conditions.  So what she desperately needs more than anything is a new home where she can feel safe, secure and reassured that she will be loved and cared for.

AARU is determined to find that wonderful new home for Ellie.   Could it be with you?  Do you have the love and patience that Ellie craves and needs?

Ellie is a 3 year old Jack Russell terrier cross.   Despite the hard life she lived until she came to us, she is a sweet, bouncy, fun-filled little girl.  In the old days, nobody ever took her out of the house or bothered much with her.  She never really had the chance to be a proper puppy.  It would delight her so much to have someone who will take the time to play with her and give her lots of attention.

One sad side-effect of the way she was so badly treated is that she becomes worried whenever she is left alone.  I guess that’s what happens when you are abandoned with nothing to eat or drink for long periods of time.  Ellie needs someone to help her change all that, to prove to her that everything will be okay and that her new owner will always return to her.   It is likely to take time and patience.   We’ll advise you as much as we can on how to do this.   We’ve also had Ellie spayed now and are hoping that this might help her to feel less stressful.

If any dog deserves the chance to live a happy new life, it’s Ellie.  Please can you help us to give this to her?

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All our dogs are micro-chipped, neutered and had flea and worming treatment.


All adopters will be home-checked prior to adopting a dog. If you are interested in Ellie, please contact us by telephoning 07946 545256. This number must not be used for emergency calls or any other types of enquiry. Please leave a message if no reply and our Adoption Volunteer will get back to you as soon as possible. Or you can e-mail Whether telephoning our Volunteer or emailing the Charity please, include your name and telephone number