LIFELINE - Transport Service for Sick or Injured Animals and Birds LIFELONG - Commitment to Rescued Animals

Emergency Help

If you need our help for a sick, injured or vulnerable animal or bird, please contact us:

Our Lifeline telephone number is 0115 932 1555

The Charity does not deal with healthy strays and unwanted pets. We will only collect those animals needing veterinary attention and are vulnerable because of condition, such as pregnancy, or age ( kittens or elderly animals) or badly neglected or injured animals and birds.

There are many local rescues that will take healthy strays and unwanted pets.  Animal Accident Rescue is not one of them, due to limited resources. We would ask callers to understand and respect our role, in order that the Charity can continue to help those animals that most need our specialist attention.

We aim to provide emergency cover from 9 am to 11 pm, Monday to Sunday, 52 weeks a year. Volunteers are always welcome to help us to achieve this.

Our Lifeline number is an answering machine but will not record any messages. Please listen to the  recorded message.  This gives information the caller needs to get assistance for a sick, injured or vulnerable animal or bird in need.

Please do not, under any circumstances, email the charity about a casualty that needs dealing with. It’s purely an administrative email and not reviewed on a regular basis.

Please note we can’t foster pets or re-home unwanted pets or pay  for any veterinary fees for owned animals.  There are a number of local rescues who offer this service.

Please note we don’t home outdoor cats on or near a main or busy road but are happy to consider placing an indoor cat in this type of location.

Charity Number: 701405 |  VAT Registration No.: – 916 3066 34

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