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Getting Involved

Want to help us?

If you’d like to do something for Nottinghamshire’s sick, injured and vulnerable animals and birds, that may otherwise die,  you could think about helping Animal Accident Rescue Unit!    We’re like-minded people doing something positive, life-saving and life-changing.

We’re always looking for volunteers.   All sorts of individuals with all sorts of skills are needed and welcomed.    Depending on your time and your interests, there’s a You-shaped niche in our Charity!    Not all of the roles are hands-on with the rescued creatures we deal with.  There’s fund raising, campaigning, team involvement, administration.  You could develop your strengths and gain extra skills within the Charity.

Training for the specific roles and encouragement are always available.

Please note  that we’re unable to offer paid employment,  school holiday or  work experience  or placements for award schemes, so please don’t ask.

But you may choose to be there to care for the animal or bird :-

  • as a driver to collect it  and take it to the vet
  • looking after a dog  or cat in your home as it starts on the road to recovery
  •  transporting the fostered animal for check-up appointments
  •  nurturing vulnerable wildlife and birds.

And, of course,  we always need donations.  There are vets’ bills to pay.  Whatever treatment is needed is given, irrespective of the cost, and we’re proud of our No-Kill policy.    Then there are the necessary costs of supporting the animals and birds in our care.   It costs thousands of £ every year to maintain our service and to meet the increasing demands on our resources.  We welcome new members,  to support  and  safeguard our work into the future.   Items we can sell, pet food we can distribute to our foster parents.

Every and any contribution you can spare will be very welcome and really does make a difference.

We have needs in the following areas:

  • Drivers
  • Phone Operators
  • Fostering
  • Fundraising
  • Admin

If you would like to help us, please send us your details in an

 e-mail    to

Call our Recruiment Officer on Nottm 9563799

Write to us at PO Box 5414 Burton Joyce Nottingham NG14 5DT. 

Please include your phone number in your communication ( preferably a landline number if you have one), and one of our volunteers will contact you and have a chat.

Other ways to get involved

You may have some spare time and wish to become an active volunteer. Please email us at   We’ll be pleased to talk to you about the different roles and see what appeals to you.   Training and advice will be given, together with on-going support from our experienced volunteers.

Our volunteers work from home.   We have no central base or kennels.

The organisation of the Charity is split into four main areas: Drivers and Telephone Operators, Fosterers, Fund Raising and Admin.

All drivers and phone-operators are contacted on a weekly basis  and will be asked what shift they can offer emergency cover for.  The Charity aims to provide a service, Monday through to Sunday, from :-

  • 9.00 – 12.00
  • 12.00 – 3.00
  • 3.00 – 7.00
  • 7.00 – 11.00

You are under no obligation at all, so do not worry if you are not available every week. Every little helps.


These are ordinary people who have a telephone at home and agree to be on duty on a shift of their choice, as listed above.  When a call is received through our Emergency Life Line Number (0115 9321 555), the answering machine linked to that phoneline gives out the pre-recorded phone number of the telephone operator on duty at that time.  The phone-op works in tandem with an emergency driver, also based at home, and a veterinary surgeon. The telephone operator’s main duties are to pass on information to assist callers and to deal with emergency calls for sick, injured or vulnerable animals and birds.


All of our drivers are ordinary people with no special veterinary training. Drivers use their own vehicles and are on duty, at home,  in case an emergency call is taken by the telephone operator.  The driver will then collect the animal and take it to the nearest veterinary surgery.

We also need car-owner drivers to take our fostered animals to the vets for non- emergency, repeat and routine appointments, at times to suit the driver and the fosterer. This role is ideally suited to people who would like to help out with transporting animals but feel they wouldn’t be comfortable dealing with emergency calls.


On release from the vet,  the animal needs care in a temporary safe home. To ensure this, we don’t have kennels or a cattery or pens or cages.  We look after the animals in our own homes until either the owner comes forward or a new home can be found. You’ll be given all the support and information you need to care for the animal- most of it is common sense and experience you may have picked up caring for your own pets.    If you have knowledge of looking after birds and wildlife casualties, we would be particularly pleased to hear from you.

Our email address is


Help raise the monies urgently required to continue the Charity’s role.  Please join us on our fund raising stalls in shops and supermarkets or on our street collections.   Or, you could  organise your own events, anything from jumble sales to sponsored parachute jumps, garden parties to Spring Fairs, cake making to simply collecting donations or pet food.  Please ask for more information.

Expense Policy

These Notes are designed to help in the completion and submission of any claim you wish to make. We appreciate that people volunteer their time and skills and we don’t expect them to be also out of pocket. We also appreciate when volunteers choose to “donate” any expenses incurred by not claiming them back. We are a Charity with limited funds, strict accounting requirements and using good business practise. We hope you’ll understand why we must review all claims prior to any reimbursement and,if necessary, to query them. It’s not our intention to cause any embarrassment or concern and we thank you for your assistance.

  1. Claim forms are available from the Treasurer and, if you have any queries or require any assistance, please email or call the Treasurer on 0115 9314274. 
  2. Expenses are paid weekly by the Treasurer, whenever possible,and by cheque payment.
  3. The Charity recognises that some volunteers may not be able to afford to pay out for volunteer expenses, like travel and foster costs, and then wait for the money to be paid back to them. If this is the case, please contact the Treasurer and she can arrange for you to have an advance on your expense costs or provide, for example, the food your foster animal will need. There are ways to assist you and we’re here to help you, if needed.
  4. The Charity does not pay a fixed rate for telephone calls. With the prior consent of the Treasurer, telephone calls (as an expense of an administration role) can be reimbursed on any increase in usual domestic phone costs. 
  5. Fuel costs will be reimbursed at 20p a mile irrespective of fuel type.
  1. The Charity will reimburse the costs incurred (as an expense of an administration role) for postage stamps and stationery.
  2. The Charity cannot pay a fixed rate for any volunteering role.
  3. Fostering costs are in respect of dog food or cat food and cat litter incurred for the period of fostering. Receipts should support any claim. If receipts are not available, the Treasurer will reference the amount claimed to current retail prices and will pay the lower of the two sums.
  4. Please contact the Treasurer with any query regarding additional expenses prior to them being incurred. Items such as dog collars, leads, cat carriers, pet bedding and bowls may be available or can often be sourced cheaply on your behalf.
  5. The Charity does not reimburse the costs of repair or replacement for any damage to any party or item or possession that would, or should, be covered by normal household, motor or personal insurance cover.
  6. The Charity will not reimburse any claims made that cannot be reasonably explained, justified or quantified.
  7. Donations/monies received should be sent to the Charity and not used to offset expenses, unless prior approval is given by the Treasurer.

 Charity Number:-  701405              VAT Registration No.: – 916 3066 34