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Ginny – A gentle lady who enjoys the finer things in life


Hi, my name is Ginny and I’m around 5/6 years old, although I don’t think I look a day over 2!

Not a lot is known about my past but one thing is clear, I’m definitely a lady. Maybe I have aristocratic blood in my family line as I certainly enjoy the luxuries in life. I’m never happier than when I’m relaxing on my lovely big, soft blanket….comfort is very important to me. I also love to have a tummy rub and enjoy having my chin tickled. I’m quite independent though and when I’ve had enough attention I will retreat back to my blanket to nap the day away. My favourite treat is smoked salmon, I’m a big fish lover.

Life hasn’t always been this great for me though, having been at the bottom I certainly know how to appreciate all the little things in life too, not just the luxuries. Simple things like having a clean litter tray, a warm home to sleep in and food every day without me having to hunt or beg, are just a few of the comforts I didn’t have previously and I’m so very thankful for them now.

So what am I looking for from my new family….one thing at the top of my list is that I would love to be able to go outside, I really miss exploring the great outdoors. I also have to insist that you do not have rabbits, I’m terrified of the 2 rabbits that my fosterer has and will actually avoid being anywhere near them, even if that means staying upstairs where they definitely can’t get me! Other than this, all I want is what any cat wants……safety, warmth, food and love. In return for this you will get a very loyal, gentle, relaxed lady who will reward your love with belly rubs and kisses…I do like to lick my human family.

If I sound like I could become the lady of your manor, then please come and see me, you won’t be disappointed.

All our cats are “snap” blood-tested, at the vets,  for FIV/FeLV (the result is deemed negative unless clearly stated.)

All cats have been examined and treated by a vet and received flea and worming treatment. They are micro-chipped and litter-trained.   All of our cats are fully vaccinated for their first year, after which time it is the responsibility of the new owner to continue annual vaccinations.

Adult cats are neutered and kittens under 6 months of age will need to be neutered by their new owner.
We recommend that all cats are kept indoors for around 6 to 8 weeks, to allow time to bond with their new owner and adjust to their new surroundings.  Kittens should always be kept indoors until neutered and then be supervised, with only limited access outdoors. It is recommended by all cat welfare societies that cats be kept inside at night, as they are vulnerable to many dangers.

if you are interested in Ginny, please contact our Adoption Officer by emailing this volunteer at You will receive a response as soon as possible.
The Charity is run entirely by volunteers and is always in urgent need of additional fosterers to foster the cats that are rescued by Animal Accident Rescue Unit. The Charity has no central base, office or cattery and cats are fostered in individual volunteers’ homes as pets, in and around the Nottingham area.
All potential adoptions will require a successful homecheck and we don’t rehome on or near busier roads, unless the cat is suitable to be an indoor only pet.


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Ginny – A gentle lady who enjoys the finer things in life

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