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Howard, Margo and Jerry are now reserved awaiting home check, Jess and Izzie are still looking for their forever homes

Aren’t we just five of the most adorable kittens you’ve ever seen?

Sadly our mum Betsy has been very poorly so we have been raised by the nurses at the vet who have taken such good care of us. We are now just over seven weeks old, apparently our birthday is 7th September and we are now old enough and strong enough to go to our foster homes where we’re spoilt and have lots and lots of fun. Mum is getting better every day and we hope she’ll soon be well enough to go to a new family.

We are eating kitten food and we use our litter tray when we need to – it’s taken a bit of time to learn, but we’re getting there.

Sorry, I should have said who we are. In the picture from left to right is; Me first Howard; my brother Jerry with the white markings; my sister Jess at the back; my sister Izzie at the front and my sister Margo on the right. It’s strange how Izzie and me have longer fur at the moment but we are all of similar markings.

We have been with our foster families now for just over a week so we’re quickly developing our own characters and personalities. We are all little devils – I mean angels – and love to play as much as we can but we do get tired quickly as we’re still tiny. It’s great just to snuggle up with our fosterers or each other until it’s time to eat or explore and play again.

We have had to go to two separate foster homes but that’s OK as we are all being well looked after and will be ready to go to our special forever home in the next couple of weeks.

All cats will be home-checked prior to adoption. Kittens should initially be kept indoors until they are neutered at around 6 months.  Also they should have supervised and limited access at first outside and never be allowed to stay out at night, as they are vulnerable to many dangers.   Sorry but we  do not home on or near busy roads.

If you are interested in Howard, Jerry, Jess, Izzie or Margo,  please contact us by telephoning 0115 9984307(please leave a message if no reply and we will get back to you as soon as possible) or e-mailing admin@aaru.org. uk.  Please include your postcode with your contact details.

Please note:  We are always in urgent need of new cat fosterers to help us foster the cats that AARU continue to help, if you would like to find out more information please email us.