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When poor Husky was found by the Animal Accident Rescue Unit, he was so battered and bruised that everyone thought he had been hit by a car.  The vet, however, discovered that he was the victim of a vicious cat fight.

After being treated by the vet, Husky was taken to a fosterer’s home in a terribly shaken state. To begin with, he was so frightened that he barely ventured out from under the bed. With encouragement from his fosterer and her foster cats, he slowly began to gain confidence and started to venture out and explore. Now, he has settled in so well that he hops up onto the bed and is content to warm her feet as she sleeps.

Husky is a very talkative cat and will keep you entertained with his demands for more treats! He is absolutely obsessed with soft chew snack sticks. But he is always a true gentleman and will allow other cats to eat first. Now that his coat is beginning to grow back and his scabs have healed, you can truly appreciate his beautiful shiny tabby coat and his big hazel eyes. He loves to spend his afternoons sitting on the windowsill and watching the world go by. When he sits there in the sun, he looks so regal! In the evenings, he likes to keep you company. He is very considerate though, and never gets under your feet.

Being such a young cat, about 1 year old, he is quite active and will spend time playing with any other cats. He is always prepared to come running when called in hope of some scratches on his head!

Husky would love to have a safe home and will reward you with loyal companionship.

About 1 year old.

All our cats are “snap” blood-tested, at the vets,  for FIV/FeLV (the result is deemed negative unless clearly stated.)

All cats have been examined and treated by a vet and received flea and worming treatment. They are micro-chipped and litter-trained.  Owners are requested  to vaccinate their adopted Charity cats, as our  limited funds do not allow us to do so.

Adult cats are neutered and kittens under 6 months of age will need to be neutered by their new owner.
We recommend that all cats are kept indoors for around 6 to 8 weeks, to allow time to bond with their new owner and adjust to their new surroundings.  Kittens should always be kept indoors until neutered and then be supervised, with only limited access outdoors. It is recommended by all cat welfare societies that cats be kept inside at night, as they are vulnerable to many dangers.

if you are interested in Husky, please contact our Adoption Officer on 0115 9985063 after 6pm. This number must not  be used for any other type of enquiry or emergency contact.  Alternatively,  you can email this volunteer at  You will receive a response as soon as possible.

The Charity is run entirely by volunteers and is always in urgent need of additional fosterers to foster the cats that Animal Accident Rescue Unit rescue.  The Charity has no central base, office or cattery and cats are fostered in individual  volunteers’ homes as pets, in and around the Nottingham area.

All potential adoptions will require a successful homecheck and we don’t rehome on or near busier roads, unless the cat is suitable to  be an indoor only pet.