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Cat Chat is another site that lists our cats needing homes, so please visit the site for information on our cats and many others desperately needing homes:

Could an indoor cat be right for you?

Have you always wanted to own a cat but felt unable to do so, possibly because you live in a flat or your home has no garden? Maybe you live near a busy road and are afraid of the dangers posed by traffic? You may love seeing and feeding birds or other wildlife and are concerned about your cat hunting and killing them? Perhaps you are generally worried about the safety of an outdoor cat and would prefer one that stayed in? Or you may even just want a companion cat who will keep you company all day? 

If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, then you should definitely consider adopting an indoor cat.

Did you know that indoor cats usually live longer and healthier lives than those allowed outdoors? Indoor cats aren’t susceptible to the many hazards associated with outdoor life. For instance:

1. They can avoid becoming injured in fights or harmed by other animals
2. They don’t pick up diseases or illnesses from other roaming cats
3. They aren’t at risk from car accidents
4. They won’t be poisoned by common outdoor chemicals such as slug pellets or anti-freeze, etc
5. They won’t be stolen away by cat thieves
6. They don’t pick up parasites such as ticks and worms
7. It’s easier and less expensive to keep fleas under control
8. They won’t cause problems with neighbours who don’t like cats in their garden
9. They aren’t at risk from human cruelty
10. They don’t get caught in traps
11. They won’t be lost or trapped in an outbuilding (you’d be surprised at how many of the cats we rescue come to us as a result of becoming lost)

So, you see, adopting an indoor cat is a very good idea after all.

*For more information on FIV cats, please

Many thanks to Maureen Hutchison BSc, BVMS, MRCVS for providing information on the above mentioned FIV info page on the Cat Chat website, as much of the information was taken from her published virology papers. Maureen is an adviser to Cat Chat, and is one of the foremost experts on FIV in the UK. There is also a forum section on the Cat Chat site where you can contact owners of FIV cats for help and support – FIV Owners Club:

Thank you also to Cat Chat for their kind permission to use these links. Their website is extremely supportive of AARU’s work and they also provide rehoming pages for us and other cat rescue charities throughout the UK. Please consider visiting them at: