It is with so much sadness that I am writing to let you know that Kofi went to the Bridge today. Dear, sweet boy, I thought he would live forever.
The picture attached is the one of him I like most. It was taken two years ago. He always loved going out in the back garden.. I am so grateful to AARU for rescuing Kofi in the first place. He was the sweetest natured boy, with people as well as other cats. I knew he was slowing down as he had not bothered going out in the garden this year but he was always my chicken monster – the only time he turned into a devil was when there was chicken on the go, bless him. He was very much a lap cat. Always wanted to snuggle up and sleep with his head under my chin.
Kofi was certainly the cat that proved that not all FIVs live short, unhealthy lives. I do wonder what his life had been like before he was rescued by AARU but I know he was a happy cat in the end, which is good.