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Lost & Found

If you have either lost a pet or found an animal, please use this area to let us know. Any subsequent updates regarding your lost pet are always appreciated.

Please use the link below to take you to our Lost and Found board – you’ll need to register.

Animal Accident Lost and Found

Advice on how to find a missing cat

There is excellent and comprehensive advice on  the Lost and Found section of the forum on

Advice on how to find a missing dog

Contact the local police stations – remember that dogs can and will cover quite a distance when running scared.

Contact your local council and ask for the dog wardens. They are under a legal obligation to collect straying dogs and will take them to a local rescue. The dog may be placed for re-homing if unclaimed after just seven days and you will have to pay costs to get your dog from the kennels.

Call the vet surgeries in the locality and get a poster/photo up on their boards.

Ring and visit the RSPCA – the local shelter is at Radcliffe on Trent.

Place posters in the area your dog went missing.

Further information available at


Have a collar and ID on your pet.

Have your pet microchipped – it can make a significant difference in getting you and your pet re-united quickly.