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Please consider becoming a member of Animal Accident Rescue Unit. For a small amount each year, your subscription really can help the birds and animals, wild and domestic, that come into our care. Whether you’re a volunteer, helping the charity in a practical way, or wishing to offer financial support (or both), your membership is welcome. It will help the charity to continue into the future and contribute to our life-saving running costs.

As an alternative to the annual subscription, you may wish to make weekly or monthly payments, straight from your bank account to ours or by cheque, if that’s easier for you.

If our existing members and volunteers gave just £1 a week, Animal Accident Rescue Unit could pay for:

• A year’s supply of insulin and needles for Moby, our diabetic cat
• A cardiology test on Prince, an abandoned old collie dog with a heart problem
• Microchips and scanner to chip our foster animals
• Six month’s vet’s bills

If we could double our current membership numbers , the £1 a week would pay for a whole year’s vet’s bills!

If you would like to support the work of the Charity by becoming a member, please contact us for a membership form. You can complete this and either send it to your bank, if you wish to pay by direct debit, or return it to us with a cheque.  Please see our bank and contact details on the Donate page.

Or, if you wish to pay by Pay Pal, please select the appropriate membership rate from one of the three options below.   You will then be redirected to PayPal to complete the registration.

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If you would prefer to make a donation to the charity or would like to become a member and make an additional gift as well, simply click on the button below. You can choose how much you wish to enter.

You can either make the donation using a PayPal account, if you have one,  or by using your credit or debit card.