“I thought I’d update you on Hayley now that she’s been with me about a year. I initially chose her as she looked cheeky on her photos and wanted her as a companion for my older cat Frankie (approx 16 years old) who was fretting over the loss of his companion of 10 years. Hayley went in hiding for 2 days before she explored the house, then hissed at ornaments and ignored Frankie but they‘re now best friends. She’s still manic one minute then wanting cuddles on my knee the next. She’s very playful, plays with all her toys and has an almost daily chase with Frankie around the house. She’s the best friend of the tom cat next door and likes to spend time with him in his owner’s greenhouse. She likes to be involved in whatever I’m doing and to snuggle up with Frankie. She just loves life, and if it’s true that a cat is happy if their tail curls over at the tip then she must be ecstatic. I can’t thank AARU enough for letting me adopt Hayley – she’s one of the cutest things on 4 legs. She is cheeky and a joy to own. Thanks again”
Hayley and best friend Frankie going for Gold in sychronised sleeping
Just to update you on Hayley. She is manic – mainly between 2.30a.m. and 5.00am or thereabouts, she runs up the curtains and claws the carpets. So if you want her back……tough, she’s going nowhere!
She is also fussy and loving, very friendly when she gets used to you but still hides when a new face appears, and she’s oh so comical, I love her to bits. She’s had both injections and she’s insured with Petplan, partly because they give 10 per cent to the AARU.  I’ve also paid the extra £10.00 to Petlog so that the alert goes out to the appropriate establishment within a 30 mile radius, just in case she does get lost.
Her and Frankie were eating side by side within a week, they hide from each other then pounce when the other one appears, and he joins in in the run around in the night. I’m just hoping she calms down a bit once she goes out but I have visions of her running up trees then can’t get down. I play with her before bed to try and exhaust her but she has so much energy. She’s lovely.
I can no longer watch Springwatch
Haylay is a sweetheart and was a little camera shy so went under the bed a few times, but ultimately too curious and was back out in no time! She purred and rubbed against my hands and had some treats. She’s very friendly, manic too when she gets going and  she has a playful/mischievous side to her.
Hayley is approximately 2 years old.    Along with her sister, she had been rescued as a stray. But due to a sad change in her rescuer’s circumstances, Hayley and her sister no longer had a home to stay in and needed a more settled future.
Hayley has been spayed and micro-chipped, is litter trained and has had worm and flea treatments.


All adopters will be home-checked prior to adopting a cat, sorry but we do not rehome onto busy roads/near busy roads.  If you are interested in the mischievious HAYLEY;  please contact us by: telephoning 0115 9205172 after 6.30pm (please leave a message if no reply and our Adoption Volunteeer will get back to you as soon as possible) or e-mailing admin@aaru.org.uk.  Please include your postcode with your contact details.  Please note:  We are always in urgent need of new cat fosterers to help us foster the cats that AARU continue to help, if you would like to find out more information please email us.