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Roger and Minnie have been adopted and have moved on to start their new life

These cute bundles of fun were abandoned in gardens, all alone and left to fend for themselves.  They are believed to have been born at the beginning of June.


Roger is a cuddly ginger kitten who loves to play with his siblings but, when playtime is over, he likes to sit on a knee for a cuddle.  When he curls up to sleep he seems to smile and look just like the Cheshire cat

all three

MiniMini and Roger

Minnie is an adorably soft and affectionate kitten. She will let you know when she wants a fuss and a cuddle and she will “talk” to you and purr while she rubs her head against your hand/arm/leg or whatever isn’t giving her the undivided attention she wants from time to time. But she is in no way “needy”. As soon as she has had her “cuddly-time” she will just as quickly run away and play (or run away and eat or run away and pretend-fight with her brothers).

She will sit on your lap and let you stroke her (reminding you occasionally if you’ve stopped or tried to use your hand for something else).

She loves to play “chasing” games. Her favourite things to run around after are string/ribbon type toys or the point of light from a laser pen (as well as her brothers). She also plays “goalkeeper” with small soft balls such as ping-pong balls or polystyrene and can bat a ball back to you with her paws.

This is a very special and loveable kitten with an enourmous personality.


All cats will be home-checked prior to adoption. Kittens should initially be kept indoors until they are neutered at around 6 months.  Also they should have supervised and limited access at first outside and never be allowed to stay out at night, as they are vulnerable to many dangers.   Sorry but we  do not home on or near busy roads.

If you are interested in little Roger and/orMinnie,  please contact us by telephoning 0115 9984307(please leave a message if no reply and we will get back to you as soon as possible) or e-mailing uk.  Please include your postcode with your contact details.

Please note:  We are always in urgent need of new cat fosterers to help us foster the cats that AARU continue to help, if you would like to find out more information please email us.


Reserved -Joe is the black kitten. He tends to hang back when the other two are investigating anything new but joins in once they have shown it’s safe.  Like Roger, he likes a knee to sit on when he has finished playing. If Joe decides yours is the knee he wants to sit on you will not be allowed to do anything other than give him 100% of your attention.  He also likes to snuggle up with our own cat.  He is the biggest of the 3 kittens, his coat is starting to lose it’s kitten fluff and develop into lovely shiny black