Nina1 Nina2

Nina has been adopted and much loved already.


Sadly this time of year is very busy for Animal Accident Rescue Unit. Beautiful dogs and cats, puppies and kittens are abandoned and often thrown out to fend for themselves. It seems no matter how young, or how old, thousands of animals are treated in this appalling way.

Nina is one such tiny kitten. She wasn’t even allowed to settle in and was found wandering the streets just days after New Year. She was already in a bad state and it was obvious she had been trying to survive for a while. Another cat or cats had attacked Nina as she had several bites on her little body when she came to us. She had tried to defend herself and in doing that has broken one of her canine teeth. This is not causing her any pain though as you can see from the picture, and it will be removed when she is old enough.

We think Nina was born at the beginning of November so she’s approximately 10 weeks old. She has already made herself at home with her fosterer and is growing into a pretty girl. Nina is eating well and has learnt to use her litter tray, well 99% of the time – there’s still an accident occasionally but she’s  still very young and everything’s new to her and she’s trying her best!

Nina is inquisitive and she likes to play with anything that looks like it’s going to be fun. She’s not at all frightened of dogs and can be seen often, chasing her fosterer’s one around for a game and will cuddle up with her for a snooze. There is another cat in the house but he really cannot be bothered with a troublesome kitten and he ignores her, so we think Nina would love to have other pets in the home. Her coat is now getting glossy and we’re sure she’ll grow into a beautiful adult. She has a quiet but nice nature and loves a fuss.

As she’s so young, we would love Nina to go to her new family as soon as possible so you can watch her grow up and of course enjoy all the antics that kittens get up to.

Please consider Nina in your search for a loving pet – you won’t be disappointed.

All cats will be home-checked prior to adoption. Kittens should initially be kept indoors until they are neutered at around 6 months.  Also they should have supervised and limited access at first outside and never be allowed to stay out at night, as they are vulnerable to many dangers.   Sorry but we  do not home on or near busy roads.

If you are interested in little NINA,  please contact us by telephoning 0115 9984307(please leave a message if no reply and we will get back to you as soon as possible) or e-mailing uk.  Please include your postcode with your contact details.

Please note:  We are always in urgent need of new cat fosterers to help us foster the cats that AARU continue to help, if you would like to find out more information please email us.