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After wanting a cat my whole life but never being able to as we always had dogs, when me and my partner were looking to buy a house needless to say the first thing I looked for was a cat.

We had decide that we would like a pair to keep each other company whilst we are at work and I started ‘just looking’ whilst we waited for a moving date.

Whilst browsing I stumbled across these beautiful little babies, with a terrible back story, who looked like butter wouldn’t melt.

image002  image007   lilly

When we came to collect them (they had been renamed Poppy and Lilly)Poppy was terrified of going into the big scary pet carrier and meowed all the way home. Luckily within just a few days they both started to come out of their shell and settle in nicely.

Not having much experience with cats I was expecting a nice calm lap cat that would enjoy a good play session. How wrong could I have been.  They have been little terrors since day 1.

We found new cat biscuits that they loved, a little too much. The first day we tried them they emptied their bowl 3 times, and Lilly proceeded to wake me up at 4 am the next day demanding more, when i got up to feed them hundreds of tiny fish shaped biscuits clattered to the floor, as Lilly raced around my feed trying to eat them as fast as she could before I could clean them up. After Getting over my initial shock I found this


Now, I don’tknowwhat they put in those biscuits, but I do know that every time we buy a bag Lilly (who isn’t even in the room) manages to run in, locate the shopping bag that has them in, and chew through the bag, in the seconds it takes us to fetch the rest of the shopping from the car. We have had to consider sending her to kitty rehab.


Poppy is no angel either, she may look all cute and innocent but she is the biggest furniture scratcher, carpet chewer, blind destroyer ever. And she manages to destroy every toy we buy them in seconds. She has had more than a few mishaps in the bathroom where she has almost gone for a toilet swim as she doesn’t check if the lid is down before she tries to watch me brush my teeth.

What we got was two little whirlwinds, that have turned out world upside down and we wouldn’t have them any other way we love them both more than anything in the world, and couldn’t be happier that they came into our lives. They are a constant source of entertainment, and they brighten and day. And who couldn’t forgive their wrong doings when you look into those beautiful little faces when they greet you at the front door after work

noire2 noire1


Abandoned at only a few weeks old, Noire and Nuit are lucky to be alive.

Nuit1 Nuit_small


They were left at a tram stop in a cardboard box, with a note taped to it, saying ‘live kittens, please help’.

Luckily, a passer-by called the Animal Accident Rescue Unit and they were taken to safety.

But their ordeal wasn’t quite over; having been separated from their mum at too young an age, they weren’t yet weaned and struggled to feed. This was something their mum would have taught them, so their fosterer took on that role and managed to get them eating after lots of patient coaxing.

Noire and Nuit are now a 8 months old and ready for a loving new home. Despite their difficult start, they are now the picture of health and are exceptionally friendly. They enjoy nothing better than finding a knee to curl up on and serenading the lucky human with loud purrs. The sisters are confident and find the world a fascinating place to explore. They are very loving and have been brought up with other cats and children.

Just one look into their mesmerising green eyes and you’ll know you want to give these stunning black kittens a forever home.

Born 21st May 2014

All our cats are “snap” blood-tested, at the vets,  for FIV/FeLV (the result is deemed negative unless clearly stated.)

All cats have been examined and treated by a vet and received flea and worming treatment. They are micro-chipped and litter-trained.  Owners are requested  to vaccinate their adopted Charity cats, as our  limited funds do not allow us to do so.

Adult cats are neutered and kittens under 6 months of age will need to be neutered by their new owner.
We recommend that all cats are kept indoors for around 6 to 8 weeks, to allow time to bond with their new owner and adjust to their new surroundings.  Kittens should always be kept indoors until neutered and then be supervised, with only limited access outdoors. It is recommended by all cat welfare societies that cats be kept inside at night, as they are vulnerable to many dangers.

if you are interested in Noire and Nut, please contact our Adoption Officer on 0115 9985063 after 6pm. This number must not  be used for any other type of enquiry or emergency contact.  Alternatively,  you can email this volunteer at  You will receive a response as soon as possible.

The Charity is run entirely by volunteers and is always in urgent need of additional fosterers to foster the cats that Animal Accident Rescue Unit rescue.  The Charity has no central base, office or cattery and cats are fostered in individual  volunteers’ homes as pets, in and around the Nottingham area.

All potential adoptions will require a successful homecheck and we don’t rehome on or near busier roads, unless the cat is suitable to  be an indoor only pet.