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Please help us help kittens like Porthos.

Nottingham based Charity, Animal Accident Rescue Unit, is asking the public for donations of  kitten food and litter to help look after new arrivals.

While thankfully most kittens are found with their mums, sadly there are some like Porthos who are orphaned and need a lot of care.

Porthos, like his musketeer namesake, has shown tremendous courage in surviving after his mum and four siblings died. Animal Accident Rescue Unit was called after Porthos’ mum was found giving birth in a garden but sadly she and his siblings died due to  complications.   For the first few days it was touch and go as to whether Porthos  would survive but thanks  to the dedication of his fosterers he has made it past four weeks (an important milestone for hand reared kittens).

Fosterer Sally-Ann says “It’s been hard work looking after a kitten this young but seeing him get to the four week mark as a healthy and lively boy is so rewarding. He is such a character already.”

Animal Accident Rescue Unit’s Veterinary Liaison Officer, Anne, explains: “When kittens are tiny like Porthos, they are bottle fed with kitten formula every two hours and then helped to toilet as their Mum would normally wash them to stimulate the release of waste products. It is very intensive to be able to provide the level of care they require. As they get a little older they take more feed at each meal and the frequency of feeding can be reduced. From around three weeks of age, they can be introduced to solids, such as kitten milk on a saucer and very sloppy kitten food. They can be gradually offered more solid food until they can eat well on their own”

It is only down to dedication of our fantastic fosterers like Sally- Ann and donations that the Charity is able to help so many kittens and mum cats in need. Last year, Animal Accident Rescue Unit helped 30 kittens and five mum cats.

Donations of kitten food and litter can be made by calling our Pet Food Coordinator  on  07949 780918 or by emailing

Alternatively, monetary donations can be made by visiting the ‘ Donate’ page on our website: