Thursday 15th October 2015

It’s raining cats and…kittens!  The Animal Accident Rescue Unit is appealing for help after more than twenty kittens came into the charity over the past fortnight.

In recent weeks, twenty one kittens have been rescued. Only three of the seven litters of kittens had their mums with them. The figure of twenty one kittens does not include the kittens that are currently ready to be homed and are available for adoption on the charity website – or an expectant mum, who is currently being fostered, and due very soon.

Crystal Moore, Cat Welfare Volunteer for the charity, says: “There are more kittens and kittens with mums arriving every day, and we need help with fostering them until they can be homed.

“Fostering kittens is a wonderful, rewarding thing to do. Providing them with a temporary home until they are old enough to adopt is a very important job and nothing beats the pride you will feel when you see them thriving in their new homes.

“If you think you can help, we’d love to hear from you.”

For more information on fostering, please email us on or call Victoria in Recruitment on 07919 576479.

The kittens below are not available for adoption yet, but will be soon. The charity requires fosterers for the following:

Litter One

Poor Mali, was found in a taped up box left outside a police station. Within hours of being picked up by the Animal Accident Rescue Unit she gave birth to five kittens.

  • Mali is a short haired black female and about a year old.
  • The five kittens are as yet unnamed and haven’t been sexed.

Born approximately on 27th September 2015.

Litter Two

Mum was found under a hedge by a Staffordshire terrier, who very gently picked one of the kittens up to show his owner. Luckily, the dog’s owner contacted the Animal Accident Rescue Unit who took the as yet unnamed mum and four kittens in.

Mum cat is a short haired black and white girl who is only a kitten herself at seven months old.

The four kittens are all short haired and boys. Two are tabby, one is black and white and the other is black and grey.

Born approximately 1st October 2015.

Litter Three

These four kittens were found under someone’s hedge in Nottingham. The kind Samaritan looked for the mum and called the Animal Accident Rescue Unit when it became apparent they were by themselves. The kittens are very boisterous and funny to watch.

  • Simon is a short haired black and white boy.
  • David is a sort haired tabby and white boy.
  • Alesha is a long haired black and white girl.
  • Amanda is a long haired tabby and white girl.

Born approximately 11th August 2015.

Litter Four

Three more kittens were  found in a disused outhouse, full of rubbish. They were with their mum but have had to be separated from her as she is ill. She is currently at the vets on a drip.

  • Scamp is a short haired ginger boy.
  • Henry is a long haired ginger boy.
  • Charlie is a long haired black boy.

Born approximately 13th August 2015

Litter Five

These little boys have come on leaps and bounds since the Animal Accident Rescue Unit took them in. They are both short haired but very fluffy! They were found living on a flat roof next to a car park. Their mother had not been seen for some time.

  • Tigger is tabby and white.
  • Roo is more white with tabby on him.

Born approximately 8th July 2015.

 Litter Six

These siblings are about two and a half months old and were found in someone’s garden.

  • Dill is a short haired black and white boy.
  • Scout is a short haired tortoiseshell girl.

Born approximately 30th July 2015.

Litter Seven

This poor kitten was found by himself. He is black and semi long-haired.

He, is as yet unnamed, and was born approximately 18th August 2015.