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Everyone who meets me agrees that I’m a character; a massive, laid back tabby with a folded down ear. In fact, you’d never know behind my friendly nature that I’m very poorly.

When I was found by Animal Accident Rescue Unit, it was clear that something was wrong. I was vomiting and had tummy troubles, so I was taken to vet where they found a tumour in my stomach. Sadly, this isn’t treatable but at the moment I can still enjoy a good quality of life.

Because the Animal Accident Rescue Unit has a lifelong commitment to the animals it rescues, I became one of their permanent foster cats. This means cats that aren’t able to be rehomed due to medical conditions, are cared for by the Charity’s network of fosterers for the rest of their lives, with the Charity providing financial support.

I still have the odd episode but have been doing much better as my fosterer manages my diet- and stops me from stealing her other cat’s food! Aside from trying to steal their food I get on well with them, which is just as well because I’ve been here for two and a half years now.

I’m about 14 years old but have the heart of a kitten! I can often be found sliding up and down the hall on a rug. My fosterer has had to put locks on some of the doors because I worked out how to open them.

My fosterer says I’m very friendly and quite the socialiser. I make a fuss of anyone that comes in. I do love a warm lap to snuggle up on, in fact it’s my favourite place to laze away the day.

Animal Accident Rescue Unit is appealing for cat food donations for Stitch. He manages best on Felix ‘As good as it looks’ cat food. Donations can be made by calling our Pet Food Coordinator on 07949-780918 or by emailing:

“This cat is not available for adoption due to their health issues but you can donate to help Animal Accident Rescue Unit to cover the cost of vets bills, regular medication and food.

“The Charity has a life long commitment to the animals it rescues, which can be very costly especially for those with complex medical conditions. As we take in more cats with long-term health problems that prevent them being available for general adoption we have to rely on our network of caring permanent cat fosterers to give these cats the love and attention they deserve.

“To donate, please visit our website:

“If you are interested in becoming a permanent cat fosterer, please email us on”