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Goodbye brave Angel

Angel passed away on the morning of 6th August, following a night in the vet hospital battling multiple issues associated with her age.

She had first came into the care of Animal Accident Rescue Unit in May 2010, having been found as a malnourished stray with many injuries including a huge abscess on her face and a corneal ulcer.

I was lucky enough to become Angel’s foster carer, and over the months as her injuries got better we developed a deep bond of love and trust. I watched with amazement as she fought to keep her eye, which was at risk of being removed due to the injuries it had sustained, and in the end she required no surgery at all! By the time she was well enough to go on the website for adoption, we had both made up our minds that we couldn’t be separated from each other. I realised it for sure when I saw her profile picture on the adoptions page, and burst into tears!

Although she was a tiny girl, half the size and weight of an average cat, she had a huge personality and always knew exactly what she wanted. She loved other cats and people, would often tell me all about her day, and would always let me know when she wanted food (well… most of the time… one of my funniest memories was when she jumped up onto the dining table and stole a whole slice of toast!)

Her blind eye and deafness made playtimes difficult – for a long time I struggled to find anything that would pique her interest – but one day she was given a treat ball, and I discovered that there was no stopping her with that! She also liked to go outside in the garden on her lead, and enjoy the sunshine whenever we had a rare bit of warm weather.

I am so grateful to Animal Accident Rescue Unit for bringing Angel and me together. The five years I had with her were amazing, and she taught me so much about determination and strength of spirit. She leaves a big hole in my life and I will never forget her.