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With the influx of 21 kittens over the past few weeks the Animal Accident Rescue Unit is issuing an urgent appeal for kitten food.

Chris Bull, pet food co-ordinator, for the charity says: “We have a lot of tiny mouths to feed and really would appreciate donations of kitten food.

“Any brand is fine, as long as it is kitten food and not adult food. The first year of a cat’s life is marked by periods of significant growth. The food they eat needs to contain the correct levels of nutrition to help them become big and strong.”

The charity also has a number of pregnant mums in its care, so lots more kittens are expected over the next month or so.

If you can help by donating kitten food, please contact Chris on 07949780918 or email:

Here is Oleg the kitten helping the charity with its appeal by modelling an empty box of kitten food!