Friendly Zeus is the perfect host. Despite his illnesses, he loves nothing more than being with his humans and greeting visitors.

Zeus definitely has no preference on his favourite household member, he’ll be found wherever the cuddles are at! He is very friendly and has no fear of strangers. You have to make Zeus aware you are in the house, if he can’t see you as he will “cry” for attention before coming bounding along to purr in your face.

Zeus is an extremely loving cat, he loves nothing more than to sit on your lap for cuddles – even at the most inconvenient times such as dinner time!

He is a handsome boy; a pure white cat with a thick coat and little pink ears. He currently has cat flu and cancer but isn’t receiving any medication for this at the moment. The cat flu often leaves Zeus with the look of being sad due to his tearful eyes and snotty nose, but his happy chirpy personality still shines through.

He is such a gannet when it comes to food. Zeus will eat anything and you have to be careful to not leave any remains from your dinner on the kitchen counters as they will sneakily be sought out. If you are late with feeding time, Zeus will let you know about it with his very loud meow and whining!

Any insects that enter the house are immediately stalked and played with. He’s quite a hunter – much to our dismay! I wouldn’t say Zeus has a favourite toy, but anything that’s slow moving that he can chase, he will be there. Zeus will only play for about ten minutes a day and then he’s done (if you can get that out of him).

His fosterer feels really lucky to spend Zeus’s final months caring for him and ensuring that he’s happy.

Because the Animal Accident Rescue Unit has a lifelong commitment to the animals it rescues, Zeus became one of their permanent foster cats. This means cats that aren’t able to be rehomed due to medical conditions, are cared for by the Charity’s network of fosterers for the rest of their lives, with the Charity providing financial support.

“This cat is not available for adoption due to their health issues but you can donate to help Animal Accident Rescue Unit to cover the cost of vets bills, regular medication and food.

“The Charity has a life long commitment to the animals it rescues, which can be very costly especially for those with complex medical conditions. As we take in more cats with long-term health problems that prevent them being available for general adoption we have to rely on our network of caring permanent cat fosterers to give these cats the love and attention they deserve.

“To donate, please visit our website: http://www.animalaccident.org.uk/donate/